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The Art of World Building is a three volume guide for authors, screenwriters, gamers, and hobbyists to build more immersive, believable worlds fans will love.  The author, Randy Ellefson, has been world building for three decades.  He has previously published a number of well-received articles that became the basis for The Art of World Building. You can read an interview about his world building here.

Volume 1, Creating Life, is on pre-sale now. As each book is published, newsletter subscribers will receive FREE templates to use when creating worlds.

The Books
Vol 1

Volume 1 – Creating Life

  • Gods
  • Species and races
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Monsters
  • Heroes and villains
  • Undead
  • And more…
Vol 2

Volume 2 – Creating Places

  • Continents
  • Land features (forests, mountains)
  • Sovereign powers (kingdoms)
  • Settlements
  • Travel estimates
  • Time and history
  • Maps
  • And more…
Vol 3
Volume 3 – Cultures and Beyond

  • Culture
  • Languages
  • Religions
  • The supernatural
  • A system of magic
  • Magic items
  • Naming everything
  • And more…
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