World Building Interview – July 2015


In July of 2015, Sci-fi writer and blogger John Robin interviewed me for his website and a series on world builders – and I was the first guy interviewed! Below is the transcript.

What is the appeal of world-building to you? How does it compare to the importance of character and plot?
What aspects of the world do you have to figure out before you start a story? What do you allow to unfold as you write?
Do you have a technique for keeping track of world-building as you go? How do you ensure your material is easily retrievable and easy to modify?
How do you avoid excessive world-building and balance it with the act of writing the story?
What do you enjoy the most about world-building?
Describe your world-building method. Do you have forms that you fill in? How do you organize your notes? Do you use a wiki or some other software?
Describe your world and some of the considerations behind it that you feel give your stories a solid sense of realism
What tips do you have for aspiring fantasy writers on how to create a solid, believable world?


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