Crowd Funding


The Art of World Building is a way to give back to the fantasy, Sci-fi, and gaming communities, whether books, movies, TV shows, and more.  You can do your part by supporting my crowd funding campaigns on Kickstarter.  Look at it this way – these three volumes will help countless creators do a better job of inventing worlds, and you can make these books a reality by funding their publication and promotion.  Getting these books into the hands of creators will help them create the things you love most.  You’ll reap the rewards yourself.

Think of how many hours of enjoyment you’ve had from all the novels, movies, games and more that creators have made for you.  If you can place a dollar amount on that, maybe that’s how much you can donate to the Kickstarter campaigns to get these books into the hands of authors, screenwriters, game companies, and more.  You can have a hand in helping creators make more of the same!

Details on these Kickstarter campaigns will be coming in 2016.

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