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In every episode of The Art of World Building Podcast, host Randy Ellefson discusses how authors, screenwriters, game designers, gamers, and hobbyists can do world building better, faster, and have more fun doing it. Popular topics include creating gods, species, animals, plants, races, monsters, undead, continents, settlements, kingdoms, star systems, time, history, cultures, magic systems, religions, the supernatural, naming everything, and travel estimates for land, sea, and space.

The Art of World Building Podcast is based on the three volume series of the same name. Not all of the book content will be discussed, but the same subjects (and more) will be covered with less or more detail.

The show schedule is every two weeks, but the series will be launched with three episodes on the same day.

Each episode has a transcript at the bottom for those who prefer to read it. Since Randy is also a pro-level guitarist, his music will be used for the intro and ending credits and various info breaks presented. Every show will also conclude with a full song to round out the episode.

Podcast Episode 3

Episode 3: Learn All About How Many Worlds to Build and Why!

Listen as host Randy Ellefson explores how many worlds you should create over the course of your career. Is it better to build a world for each project or one world for all stories? You could end up building 20 worlds, which is a lot of work. When is it better to just create one world and keep reusing it? What are the pros and cons of each approach?

Podcast Episode 2

Episode 2: How to use Earth Analogues without Getting Caught!

Listen as host Randy Ellefson talks about whether you need to build a world or not, and how and when to use Earth analogues as a springboard for your imagination. The Rule of Three will help you avoid getting caught, too! Analogues are a fundamental concept that no listener should skip.

Podcast Episode 1

Episode 1: Introduction to The Art of World Building Podcast

Listen as host Randy Ellefson explains the vision for The Art of World Building Podcast and what you can expect from the series and each episode. He’ll also be introducing himself and briefly talking about his thirty years of world building experience. Some caveats and definitions are also covered. This is a good primer that no listener should skip.

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