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Psionics is the ability to communicate or perceive beyond the five physical senses. This fits our definition of magic. While fictional, these are considered innate talents people are either born with or develop. They’re usually depicted as natural, meaning they don’t require spells, but we’ve also seen them portrayed as needing an external element. The crystal ball is the most famous of these. We can add anything we desire to make these unique in our setting, while also making them easier or harder to accomplish. Multiple subtypes exist and are briefly summarized next. Any combination of these can exist in the setting. We can treat all of them like magic, meaning we decide their prevalence, training needed, the distance restrictions, and other elements discussed in this chapter.

ClairvoyanceThis is the ability to see events or people beyond the range of normal sight. This can be broken down into precognition (the future), retrocognition (the past), and remote viewing (the present). It can also imply clairaudience (hearing) or be mutually exclusive, meaning some people only have one talent. A theme of this chapter is imposing limits, so don’t be afraid to restrict them.
EmpathyAn “empath” can read or sense another person’s emotions and may even be able to control or influence them.
Mind controlOne person impacts another’s mind, including removing, suppressing, or replacing memories, or causing the victim to sense phantom pain.
PsychometryThe talent for gaining foresight by touching objects.
TelekinesisTelekinesis is the ability to move objects with the mind.
TelepathyReading another person’s thoughts or communicating directly with their mind.


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